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FASA Review & Changes

Written by on 22/06/2017



So it's been decided to do an overhaul with the FSX Airshow Association expanding the community allowing numerous different platforms to be integrated within. I've already began to clear out the old forum posts of which are no longer required to de-clutter it. I'll also be adding various categories to the forum to expand to different platforms for example DCS, X-Plane, Prepar3D etc. This should in theory bring in a broader side to the Flight Simulator community helping to close the evident gap between different platforms. This work will be with the involvement of community members to bring FASA to its full potential and outline what people would like to see/think needs changing.





Please bare with us while these changes are taking place!  


 We're still looking forward to multiple events this year! You can view them by clicking here.


- 2017 Events -

Virtual Scottish Airshow, August 2017 hosted by Chewbacca

Virtual MAKS Airshow, September 2017 hosted by SukhoiDT

Operation Market Garden Memorial Flypast, September 2017 hosted by NimrodDT

Virtual Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival, September 2017 hosted by Sixshot


I'd like to again take this opportunity to thank everyone for their involvement in FASA especially to Bemo, if it wasn't without him this would not be possible!


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So, Flight Sim World. The start of a 'new age' in flight simulation no doubt, with some new and exciting features that are very interesting, even at the current point of development. From the initial trailer, it could be seen that it was going to be something to keep an eye on.

But now, time has passed, and the game has been released onto Steam Early Access... It is finally available for us consumers to get our hands on it. My thoughts are as follows.



- A simple UI and interface system

- Good graphics in most areas

- Integrated Accufeel adds to the immersion

- The included aircraft feel realistic (From RW experience in both PA28 and DA42 aircraft)

- Better looking scnenery due to the addition of Orbx Global textures

- Awesome default smoke effect on the RV-7

- Less than half the price of P3D


- Although it runs better than my FSX or P3D in most situations, optimisation could be improved

- Landing lights do not illuminate the ground

- Very narrow selection of aircraft

- Small amount of backwards compatability (Got REX WWA working fine, no aircraft)

- Trim needs to be rebound to work at all

- Menu system could be more straightforward, with a more detailed selection of settings

- No real feeling of movement or speed

Overall, even in this early state, I would wholeheartedly recommend Flight Sim World to a friend. 90% of the features present in this release are fully working, I must commend DTG for that. As a final note, I'm sure you've read all of what I stated above in other reviews, but this is just another perspective to take into account.

At the end of the day, I'm just another consumer, just like most of us around here.



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Written by on 13/05/2017

With the announcement of the early release of Flight Sim World coming on May 18th, what does this mean for FASA?  FASA is a community for like minded individuals that enjoy flight simulation as well as aerobatics, and with so many platforms released at the moment, we have all found our common strength in FSX.  With Flight Sim World being the next generation of FSX, and with the expectations that the multiplayer side of FSX net coding has been fixed along with all of the other issues that have come to be with so many technological advances, we can only hope that a more stable multiplayer will strengthen our community and bring a lot more demonstration teams back around.  With these changes and the determination of you all (the pilots and performers), we can make the new FSW community greater then it ever has been.  With all this being said and the high expectations we have for Flight Sim World, we will still be performing shows on FSX as well.  Depending on the individual that is hosting the show, they could choose either FSX or FSW, but any FASA hosted shows from May 18th forward will be both FSX and FSW performances!  We hope that everyone will check out Flight Sim World if you havent already, and we hope that you will join us in the skies!



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