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FASA Terms of Usage and Expectations




The Flight Simulator (FS) Air Show Association was founded in 2010 and continues operation to this day.  The purpose of the FS Air Show Association (FASA), is to promote and maintain relations throughout the FS online flying community with organized teams, solo performers, hardware and software developers, as well as show service providers (streamers, videographers, music). FASA is also committed to making sure that every team established in FS can perform at more virtual airshows than the arena currently offers.  We hope that you find your stay with us an exciting one.




The FS Airshow Association is a culmination of likeminded individuals within the FS community.  We look for professionalism, dedication, integrity, and drive. We have setup some basic rules and guidelines to help maintain order within our organization. This handbook will go over the various basic rules for each of our subsets.  These subsets include the Forums, Teamspeak3 server, Public flying server, and any other services provided by FASA / other communities.




          The staff of FASA is composed of some of the most experienced pilots in the FS aerobatics community, which helps for us to obtain, retain, and display the best talents, as well as assist in the training and development of new pilots within the community. 








The Flight Simulator (FS) Air Show Association and its website and forums is a place for likeminded individuals, performers, demonstration teams, viewers, and audience to all come together as one.  The website and forums are not a place to advertise third party websites, all functions that are generally required are already in place, and functions that could be added should be requested in the suggestion box portion of the forums.  All users of the forums and website should respect one another, and show no sign of disrespect to any performer ideas or actions.




 The Flight Simulator (FS) Air Show Association TeamSpeak is a place for all individuals, performers, demonstration teams, viewers, and audience members to join and communicate with each other in a professional and positive manner.  We expect the most professional and supportive communications within the TeamSpeak.  Demonstration teams (2+ pilots) are allotted a private TeamSpeak channel if they do not have their own private TeamSpeak or Discord servers.  Solo performers will not be provided their own channel.






            FASA requests that demonstrations adhere to the recommendations set forth below.  These recommendations are set in place in order to allow for easier scheduling, as well as retaining the attention of the live streamed viewers.  These are not requirements that are set forth as those determinations must be made by the air show host.




          Solo Display – A solo display is suggested to have less than four team members.  This will include 1-3 aircraft, and ground crew as required (narrator & live streamer).  Solo demonstration recommendations are below:


Minimum Display Length: 5 Minutes
Maximum Display Length: 20 Minutes




            Medium Team Display – A medium sized team display for FASA endorsements must consist of at least six team members.  This will include no more than 4 aircraft (4 pilots), and ground crew to support the demonstration (narrator, music, & live streamer).  Medium sized team demonstrations requirements are below:


 Minimum Display Length: 15 Minutes
Maximum Display Length: 30 Minutes




                Large Team Display – A large sized team display for FASA endorsement must consist of at least eight team members.  This can include anywhere from 5 to 10 aircraft (with coinciding pilots) and ground crew to support the demonstration (narrator, music & live streamer).  Large sized team demonstrations requirements are below:


Minimum Display Length: 30 Minutes
Maximum Display Length: 1 Hour







          FASA teams are held to the highest standards when dealing with public pilots, fellow teams, and FASA staff.  The mission of FASA is to grow the aerobatics organization, which would involve all team and demonstrations helping one another, this could include anything from recruiting, development, or even training, and all teams are asked to help out another team if asked.  All demonstrations should handle all FSX communications in a professional manner, and should refrain from inappropriate language, gestures, or activities. 








Air Shows are the main focus of FASA, in which they help keep our aerobatic community growing through visual appeal to our viewers.  These will also generate interest from those in the community that have not participated in aerobatics, or those that did not know that it existed.  To adhere to a professional and outstanding viewing pleasure for our audience we have guidelines to assist in the creation of virtual air shows. 




Local Show – A local air show is one that is created and coordinated by an individual with the intentions of having a smaller air show.  Local shows will usually consist of mainly solo demonstrations, with a small demonstration team performing, and at least one medium or large sized demonstration to close the show.  These shows are also at smaller airports in which certain aircraft may not be able to take off from or land at, so a larger airfield must be within a manageable distance (20NM) for these aircraft to depart and arrive at for their demonstration. 

Minimum Time Length: 2 Hours


Maximum Time Length: 4 Hours


Max Distance from major airport to show site: 20NM
Fly In: Not Required


Dedicated Live Streamer: Required






Large Show – A large air show can be one that is based on a real life large air shows, or is coordinated with an intent to have a large amount of teams participating.  Large shows should consist of small, medium, and large sized teams, with at least one large demonstration team to close the show.  These shows can take place at any location, but remote shows must be within a manageable distance (20NM) for the demonstration aircraft to depart and arrive at for their demonstration.




Minimum Time Length: 4 Hours


Max Distance to Show: 20NM
Fly In: Required


Dedicated Live Streamer: Required




The application process for an FASA airshow are handled in the most expeditious manner.  The logistical considerations of a virtual air show are taken into account such as marketing, line up, development, and show day operations.  Air Shows that are endorsed by FASA but not hosted by them are expected to be timely, and of the highest quality and professionalism for the viewers.   




Applications must be submitted on the FASA website, and will be processed in the order they are received.  Air shows will have a limited amount of time to provide all of the material that is required.  Teams without FASA endorsements are not restricted from performing in a non FASA endorsed air show, teams that have not been endorsed by FASA will be the last to be considered for any FASA endorsed airshows. 






Once an air show has been approved by the head of air show operations, the air show coordinator is then required to complete the event page and upload images, and advertise for pilots. 




After the FASA Air Show has become official the endorsement will be effective and the marketing and advertising of the show will begin.  Any deviations to the FASA Air Show must be made within at least two weeks of the scheduled Air Show to prevent any changes in scheduling for performers and audience.






          The quality of the stream should be of medium to great quality, with minimum timing discrepancies or “hiccups”.  If a FASA endorsed team does not make it during their allotted time, the demonstration will be placed before the review board for further actions.  Twitch Live Chats can be either enabled or disabled, but we ask the coordinator or streamer to ensure the chat remains encouraging and positive, with no unprofessional or discouraging messages at any time.   










          If at any time you feel that you are being mistreated or receiving unprofessional assistance from any FASA team, personnel of any team, or FASA staff, we ask that you submit a request to have any incidents investigated by the FASA administration.  We do ask that you provide evidence of any claims you are requesting (snap shots, live chat recordings, video evidence), as we cannot take action on any “he said, she said” allegations.  These same requirements are requested if any allegations or complaints are submitted about any FASA staff member.






          The FASA website is equipped with a support ticket system for any problems or issues that a user may be having with the forums, website, users, TeamSpeak, public server, etc.  Please use the support ticket if you are unable to access any of the above mentioned items, or if want to report the actions of another individual






            All inquiries about FASA as well as questions or concerns that you may have can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.